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FRANCE Yv. 13A - 1991 - Guerre du Golfe : Etiquette autoadhésive 'Daguet Armées' dans planche d'origine de 10 timbres
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FRANCE Yv. 13A - 1991 - Guerre du Golfe : Etiquette autoadhésive 'Daguet Armées'
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FRANCE DISTRIBUTEUR 1985 - La plaquette de 4 etiquettes neuves **
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FRANCE Yv. 183-86 * - JO 1924, série compl. 4 timbres neufs
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October 2018 - International
Philatelic Auction Calendar

October 2018 Philatelic Auctions   ...



2nd               SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD. [Nº 6284] (England)

3rd                ROBERT A. SIEGEL AUCTION GALLERIES [Nº 1198] (USA)  

4th-5th         BOLAFFI STAMP AUCTIONS (Italy)

5th - 6th       VAN DIETEN POSTZEGELVEILINGEN [Nº 640] (Netherlands)

6th                STADE AUKTIONEN [Nº 48] (Germany)

8th - 10th     SCHLEGEL BERLINER AUKTIONHAUS GmbH [Nº 23] (Germany)

9th                CÉRÈS PHILATÉLIE [Nº 167] (France)

9th                SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD. [Nº 7284] (England)

9th                UNIVERSAL PHILATELIC AUCTIONS [Nº 71] (England)

10th - 12th   DANIEL F. KELLEHER CO. INC. [Nº 719] (USA)

12th - 13th   HELLMAN AUCTIONS LTD. [Nº 111] (Finland)

12th - 14th   SCHUYLER J. RUMSEY AUCTIONS [Nos. 81-82] (USA)

13th              CAMBRIDGESHIRE PHILATELIC AUCTIONS [Nº 354] (England) 14th              MERKURPHILA GmbH [Nº 33] (Austria)

15th-19th     AUKTIONSHAUS CHRISTOPH GÄRTNER [Nº 42] (Germany)

16th              SOLER y LLACH SUBASTAS INTERNACIONAL [Nº 781] (Spain)


16th - 17th  JÜRGEN GÖTZ AUKTIONSHAUS [Nº 380] (Germany)

19th - 20th   HANS R. SCHWARZENBACH AUKTIONEN [Nº 62] (Switzerland)

20th              H. R. HARMER INC. [Nos. 3020-3021] (USA)


20th              PETER VOGENBECK SPEZIALAUKTION [Nº 105] (Germany)

21st              TAKAHASHI STAMP COMPANY [Nº 625] (Japan)      

24th              CORBITT STAMPS LTD. [Nº 159] (England)

24th              IBERPHIL SUBASTA FILATELIA (Spain)

24th - 25th   SPINK-London [Nos. 18043, 18045] (England)

25th - 27th   H. R. HARMER INC. [Nos. 3020-3021] (USA)

26th - 27th   KELLEHER & ROGERS LTD. [Nos. 3020-3021] (USA)  

26th - 27th   WÜRTTEMBERGISCHES AUKTIONSHAUS [Nº 133] (Germany)

27th              VICTORIA STAMP COMPANY [Nº 37] (USA)

30th              DOROTHEUM GmbH & CO. KG (Austria)

30th - 3rd NOV  HANSEATISCHE AUKTIONEN [Nº 71] (Germany)



November 2018 Philatelic Auctions   ...



7th     Warwick & Warwick Ltd. (ENGLAND) 

8th     Dutch Country Auctions [Nº 319] (USA) 

17th   Rasdale Stamp Company [Nº 438] (USA) 

18th   Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 626] (JAPAN)

30th   Auction Galleries Hamburg [Nº 06] (GERMANY)





2nd                    SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD.

                               (Knutsford, Cheshire, England: Auction Nº 6284)


3,618 Lots of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Covers. The highlights of the sale include:


~  Iraq - A nice range of Republic issues, as well as the scarce Officials.

~  Natal - A comprehensive collection, with many better individual items offered as separate lots and as collection balances.

~  Rhodesia - The ‘Double Heads’, offering a mint range, including the scarce 8d black and purple.


NOTEThe complete catalog for this auction is available on the Sandafayre

(Holdings) Ltd. WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1565 65.32.14   FAX [44] 1565 65.16.37 





3rd                     ROBERT A. SIEGEL AUCTION GALLERIES

                                (New York NY: Sale Nos. 1188)


An absolutely stunning 106-Lot public auction featuring the superlative and incomparable United States Stamp TreasuresThe William H. Gross Collection.


NOTEThe entire Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (212) 753-6421   FAX (212) 753-6429      (Scott R. Trepel)

   (John P. Zuckerman

   (Corey B. Long






                           (Torino, Italy)


AN 1,800-lot public auction of the Stamps and Postal History of the Italian StatesItaly, the Italian Offices AbroadSan Marino, the Vatican and General Foreign, all being knocked-down at the Bolaffi Auction Galleries located at via Cavour 17, in Torino [Turin].


TEL [39] 011 55.76.339/358 or  

WebSite and




                                (Roermond, Netherlands: Sale Nº 640)


A 2,356-Lot public auction of the Netherlands and the Dutch Colonies, and General Worldwide Postage Stamps and Postal History, the auction being conducted in the ‘Leo Franssen Room’ of the Theater-Hotel De Oranjerie (, located al Kloosterwandplein 12-16, in Roermond.


TEL [31] 475 56.35.00     FAX [31] 475 33.08.29        




6th                     STADE AUKTIONEN  

                                (Weil am Rhein, Germany: Sale No. 48)


A 15,745-Lot sale of primarily German and other Worldwide Vintageneo-Modern, and other periods Picture Postcards. The ClassicalArt Deco3rd ReichZeppelin, and WWIIitems all are intriguing, as well as being artistically attractive.


NOTE: The complete catalog for this auction is available on the Stade-Auktionen GmbH WebSite.


TEL [49] 7621 7.84.22   FAX [49] 7621 79.31.73





                              PHILATELIE GmbH

                                (Berlin, Germany: Sale No. 23) 


A 7,685-Lot sale featuring the German StatesGermanyGerman Offices Abroad, and German Colonies, as well as a nice selection of General Foreign, all being offered at a public auction taking place at the Hollywood Media Hotel – Berlin located at Kurfürstendamm 202, in Berlin.


Offered in a separate catalogue (Lot Nos. 1-111) is the ‘Exklusivitäten’ der il: II, an offering of the rarities of primarily Germany and the German Areas, but also including a sprinkle of better representing France, Poland, Switzerland and the United States.


Also offered in a separate catalogue (Lot Nos. 201-373), the sale also includes the ‘Onyx’ Collection of the Proofs of the German 3rd Reich and the Polish General Gouvernment.


NOTEThe entire Schlegel Berliner Auktionhaus für Philatelie GmbH auction catalogue can be viewed on the designated WebSite in the German and English language texts [see below].


TEL [49] 30 88 .0.99.62   FAX  [49] 30 88 70.99.63




9th                     CÉRÈS PHILATÉLIE

                             (Paris, France: Sale No. 167)


A 5,958-Lot Lots offering of all the philatelic phases of France, the French Offices Abroad and the French Colonies, as well as other Worldwide, the sale being conducted at the Cérès Philatélie Offices located at 23 rue du Louvre, in Paris.


NOTEAuction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.   


TEL [33] 1   FAX [33] 1




9th                     SANDAFAYRE (HOLDINGS) LTD.

                                (Knutsford, Cheshire, England: Auction Nº 7284)


3,343 Lots of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Covers. The highlights of the sale include:


~  Belgian Congo - A comprehensive mint collection w/ much NH, offered as individual better items and sets, and including imperf varieties; many lots accompanied by Willy Balasse Certificates.


~  Danzig - A very nice selection of stamps and covers w/ better items and varieties offered as individual lots, as well as several interesting collections of Postal History and Cancellations.


~  Dominican Republic - A very nice strong collection offered as better individual classic items. and with an extensive balance collection.


~  Estonia - A specialized collection of the ‘1941 Local Posts’ offered with expertisation signatures or certificates.


~  Germany - WWII Occupation Issues -  A broad range of WWII German Occupation of Russia including issues for Leningrad, Pernau, Pleskau and Ukraine with expertisation signatures or certificates.


~  Italian Colonies - British Occupation - An extensive collection of the British overprinted issues, all NH or Use offered as individual lots.

 ~  Mauritius - An enviable superb quality mint collection broken down and offered as numerous better individual items including many elusive QV issues, and an extensive range of semi-specialised collections.

~  Russia - An offering of individual better items, including many elusive mint 19th Cent issues.


NOTEThe complete catalog for this auction is available on the Sandafayre

(Holdings) Ltd. WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1565 65.32.14   FAX [44] 1565 65.16.37 




9th                     UNIVERSAL PHILATELIC AUCTIONS.

                                (Northleach, Gloucestershire, England: Sale No. 71)


A massive, comprehensive 21,494-Lot no Buyer’s Premium sale of classic Great Britain, British Africa, British Asia, British North America, India, Europe, Asia (with China), the United States, and much more.


The sale’s highlights include strong sections of Great Britain with the high values, key British Africa), KGV and KGVI era issues, AustraliaHong KongIndia and Malaya), exceptional Europe and other Overseas, and key United States.


TEL [44] 1451 86.11.11  FAX [44] 1451 86.12.97



10th - 12th        DANIEL F. KELLEHER CO. INC.

                                (Danbury, CT: Auction Nº 719)


Continuing the auctioneer’s ‘Flagship Series’ of sales, 1,998 Lots of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, Collections and other Large Lots, all being knocked-down at a public auction at the new Daniel F. Kelleher Auction Galleries located at 22 Shelter Oak Lane - Building ‘C’ in Danbury, Connecticut, beginning promptly at 9:00 AM on that Wednesday, and at 10:00 AM on that Thursday and Friday.


Highlights of the auction includes several specialized collections:


~ The ‘Boca’ Collection of Great Britain and Germany and Their Areas.

~ The Howard Herzog Collection of United States and Worldwide Stamps.

~ The ‘Magic City’ Further Offerings of United States Sheets, Plate Nº Blocks and MultiplesPart II.

~ The William B. Martin Collection of Important Worldwide Stamps and Covers.

~ The ‘München’ Specialized Collection of Bavaria and Baden Cancellations and Postal History.

~ The ‘RGB’ Collection of United StatesIcelandIreland and Worldwide.


 The sale also includes an attractive collection of the Modern ERRORS of Italy.  


NOTEThe complete Daniel F. Kelleher Co. Inc. catalog listings are available on their WebSite [see below]:


TEL (781) 235-0990   FAX (781) 235-0945




12th - 13th        KAJ HELLMAN-HUUTOKAUPAT

                              (HELLMAN AUCTIONS LTD.)

                                (Naantali, Finland: Action No. 111)


A 3,116-Lot offering of the Postage Stamps and Postal History of Finland, as well as other Scandinavia and European Areas, all being offered at public auction being conducted at the Hellman Auction House located at Noutokatu 3, in Naantali


In addition to philatelia, the sale also offers better CopperSilver and Gold Coins (Lot Nos. 179-388 Finland, 472-579 Worldwide incl CanadaGreat Britain, SaxonyUnited States), and Medals (Lot Nos. 606-609 Russia, 614//639 Finland), as well as Banknotes (Lot Nos. 389-471 Finland, 580-589 United States).


NOTE: The entire Oyo Kay Hellman Ltd. Auction catalog can viewed currently on their WebSite [see below]


TEL [358] 9 400 48.47.37   or   [358] 2 254-7200 

FAX [358] 2 254-7220





                                (Ontario, CA: Sale No. 81-82)


A 2,019-Lot United States and General Foreign Stamps and Postal History sale, being conducted in conjunction with the SesCal 2018 Stamp Show meeting at the Ontario Convention Center, located at 2000 E. Convention Way, in Ontario CA.


Several specialized collections will be offered, to include the Max Mayo and Ernst Sielaff United States Advertising Covers Collections.


NOTEThe entire Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (415) 781-5127   FAX (415) 781-5128 





                                (Ely, Cambridgeshire, England: Auction No. 354)


A 3,037-Lot public auction of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth, and other General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, the auction being conducted on the Saturday beginning  promptly at 12:30 PM in the ‘Kempen Room’ at the historic Victoria-era brewery, The Maltings(, located on Ship Lane in Ely, Cambridgeshire.


The sale commences with a large section of General Foreign Mixed Lots and Collections, including several interesting cover lots, Topical / Thematic groupings and Commonwealth Omnibus Issues. Larger sections of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, as well as other General Foreign, offers a comprehensive selection of all their issues.  


NOTEThe complete catalog for this auction is available on Cambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions WebSite [see below].


TEL [44] 1353 66.39.19   FAX [44] 1353 66.41.27  




14th                   MERKURPHILA GmbH

                                (Vienna, Austria: Sale No. 33)


A 1,287-Lot primarily all-Austria and the Austrian/Hungarian Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History public auction, the sale being conducted at the Merkurphila GmbH Offices, located at Hasenauerstraße 46, in Vienna..  


NOTEThe entire MerkurPhila GmbH auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [43] 1 23.683.27   FAX [43] 1 36.712.98





                                (Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany: Public Auction Nº 42)


A 35,688-Lot, mega-auction of Worldwide Stamps, Covers and other Postal History covering virtually every stamp-issuing entity presented in individual sales catalogs, to be sold beginning promptly at 9:00 AM daily on the auction dates at the Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner Offices sales venue located at Steinbeisstraße 6+8, in Bietigheim-Bissingen (ca. 12 miles north of Stuttgart, and 12 miles south of Heilbronn). The auction’s schedule is as follows:


NOTE: The entire Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG auction catalogue can be viewed on their user-friendly German:English bilingual WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 7142 789.400   FAX [49] 7142 789.410




                                (Barcelona, Spain: Public Auction Nos. 781)


A 1,244-Lot public auction of Spain, the Spanish Colonies and Worldwide Postal History, the sale being conducted at the Soler y Llach Offices, located at Calle Beethoven 13, in Barcelona, beginning at promptly at 11:00 AM. 


The very comprehensive Spain section includes every possible aspect of that country’s philatelia, ranging from the Pre-Adhesive and Classic eras, through to the Modern and Back-of-the-Book philatelia, and including Proofs and Essays, Telegraph Stamps, Locals, and the Postal History of the Spanish Civil War.


The Spanish Offices and Spanish Colonies sections include in-depth representations of Spanish Administration Andorra, French Administration of AndorraCape JubyCubaElobeyFernando Poo, IfniLa Agüerathe Marianas, the PhilippinesPuerto RicoRio de OroSpanish Morocco, Spanish Guinea, the Spanish Sahara, and Tangiers


NOTE: The catalog for this Soler y Llach Subastas Internacionales, S.A.  auction is available for viewing on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [34] 93 201-8733   FAX [34] 93 202-3306 





                                (New York, NY: Auction No. 1018)


A comprehensive 1,627-Lot offering representing upscale important United States and Worldwide Postage Stamps, Postal History, Proofs, Essays and other rare and esoteric related philatelia at a public auction being conducted at their modern, conveniently located, mid-town Manhattan Cherrystone Auction Galleries, located at 119 West 57th Street, on the 3rd Floor, beginning daily promptly at 10:00 AM (Morning Sessions) and 1:00 PM (Afternoon Sessions). 


~ Tuesday, 16th October, (Lot Nos. 2001-2894) - Morning Session (10:00 AM): United StatesAutographs of Famous PeopleAlbania-France and the French Colonies. Afternoon Session (1:00 PM): Germany and the German ColoniesGreat Britain and the British Commonwealth.


~ Wednesday, 17th September, (Lot Nos. 2895-through-3627) - Morning Session (10:00 AM): Greece-IranItaly and the Italian Areas-Romania. Afternoon Session (1:00 PM): Russia-SwitzerlandThailand-Vatican City, Large Lots and Collections.


The sale is highlighted by several specialized collections, Philatelic Estates and Dealers’ Stocks, to include:


~ Further selections from the Vito Bianco Philatelic Stock.

~ The Ernest Wheeler United States Plate Nº Blocks and Flight Covers Collections.


NOTEThe entire Cherrystone Philatelic Auctions catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below]Most of the single lots are accompanied by quality color scans, and Opening Prices are updated daily.


TEL (212) 977-7734     FAX (212) 977-8652





                                (Oberkirch, Germany: Auction No. 380)


An 5,470-Lot public auction very strong in Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Collections, but also offering a nice selection of General Foreign, and being sold at the Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationales Auktionhaus Offices located at Steinhof 12, Oberkirch (ca. 7 miles northeast of Offenburg./ Thursday.


In addition, the sale also offers better CopperSilver and Gold Coins (Lot Nos. 182A-211).


NOTEThe entire Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationale Auktionhaus auction catalog can be viewed on their German:English:French trilingual language WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 7802 9.34.40   FAX [49] 7802 59.03






                                (Zürich, Switzerland: Auction Nº 62)


An 946-Lot public auction of tamps and, primarily, Postal History, the sale being conducted at their Schwarzenbach-Auktion Offices, located at Merkurstraße 64, in Zürich.


The First Session (Friday 2:30 PM, Lot Nos. 1-300) begins w/ Liechtenstein, incl Collections and Accumulation, followed by Switzerland Airpost and 1907-Modern Switzerland, incl better varieties.


The Second and Third Session (Saturday 8:30 AM and 1:15 PM, Lot Nos. 301-946) offers specialized Switzerland and continuing with the Classic Stamps of Switzerland, and followed by European material and other General Foreign.


NOTE: The entire Hans R. Schwarzenbach Internationale Briefmarken-Auktionen catalogue is available on their WebSite; to download the catalog, an ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader’ is required [see below]


TEL [41] 43 244.89.00   FAX [41] 43 244.89.00          





20th                   H. R. HARMER INC.

                                (Member: Global Philatelic Network LLC)

                                (Tustin [Los Angeles], CA: Sale Nos. 3020-3021)


A very comprehensive sale of United States and Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History, being conducted in conjunction with the NoJEx 2018 Philatelic Exhibition convening at The Hilton Meadowlands Hotel, located at 2 Meadowlands Plaza, in East Rutherford NJ


~ Sale No. 3020, 1:00 PM The Elmer Campbell Collection of Germany and the German Areas.

~ Sale No. 3021, 4:00 PM The Argent’ Collection of 1875-1901 Mint United States Stamps.


 NOTEThe entire H.R. Harmer Inc. auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite approximately three (3) weeks previous to the auction date [see below].


TEL (949) 748-4802   or   (800) 782-6771  

FAX: (949) 748-4803





(Barcelona, Spain: 20th Anniversary Special Auction)


A special 400-Lot Special auction of key Spain and the Spanish Colonies Stamps and Postal History celebrating the company’s 20th Anniversary.


NOTE: The catalog for this Soler y Llach Subastas Internacionales, S.A.  auction is available for viewing on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [34] 93 201-8733   FAX [34] 93 202-3306 





                                (Gerolstein-Müllenborn, Germany: Auction No. 105) 


A specialized public auction of Germany Used in the Offices Abroad (Auslandspostamter), German Colonies, and German Naval and Maritime Mails (Seepost), being conducted at the attractive Landhaus Müllenborn Hotel (, located at Auf dem Sand 45, in nearby Gerolstein, the sale beginning promptly at 11:00 AM.


The entire Peter Vogenbeck Spezialauktion sales catalogues are available on their WebSite [see below]:


TEL [49] 6591.7125   FAX [49] 6591 98.59.84




21st                   TAKAHASHI STAMP COMPANY   

                                (Tokyo, Japan: Public Auction Nº 625)


Over 400 Lots in an all-Japan public auction offered in a Japanese-language catalog; although in the Japanese-language, the lot listings are profusely illustrated, and are simple to decipher. The sales venue is located at the Takahashi Stamp Company Offices, located in the Shintaro Building - 4th Floor, at 6-6-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, in Tokyo.


Highlights of the sale include very strong sections of classic-era postage stamps and postal history. Although currently not listed on their WebSite (see below), plans to include auction lot listing on the Internet are planned.


NOTEAuction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


TEL[81] 3 573-5370   FAX[81] 3 3572-0661 or




24th                   CORBITT STAMPS LTD.

                                (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England: Auction No. 159)


1,622 Lots of Great Britain and British Commonwealth, and other Worldwide Postage Stamps and Postal History. The sale will commence promptly at 12:30 PM on that Thursday and Wednesday at 12:30 PM on that Wednesday at the Britannia Newcastle Airport Hotel ( located at the Newcastle Airport at Ponteland, Woolsington, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (within easy walking distance of the airport terminal, and only 7 miles from Newcastle City Centre).


The sale offers All World  from A-through-Z, incl Boxed lots and Accumulations, Single Country Collections, and KGVI One Country Lots.


NOTEThe entire Corbitts Stamps Ltd. auction catalogue can be downloaded from their WebSite [see below].


TEL[44] 191 232-7269   FAX [44] 191 261-4130            




24th                   IBERPHIL SUBASTA FILATELIA

                                (Madrid, Spain)


A comprehensive 819-Lot offering of Spain and the Spanish Areas, and General Foreign Collections and other Large Lots, the public auction being conducted at the Meliá Castilla Hotel (, located at Calle Capitán Haya 43, in Madrid, beginning promptly at 4:00 PM.


NOTEAuction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTEThe complete catalog for this auction is available on the IberPhil WebSite [see below].


TEL [34] 91 548.0799   FAX [34] 91 541.6070

WebSite ___________________________________________________________________


24th - 25th        SPINK-London

                                (London, England: Sale Nos. 18045, 18043)


Two specialized public auctions being conducted at the Spink Auction Galleries, located at 69 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London.


~ Sale No. 18045, 24th October, 10:00 AM - The John Griffith-Jones Collection of the On India’ Provisional Stamps of Zanzibar 

~ Sale No. 18043, 24th-25th October, Lot Nos. 0501-1922, The Philatelic Collectors' Series Sale


~ Sale No. 18010, 12th July, Lot Nos. 0001-0261, 10:30 AM - The Davis Pitts Collection of British North America.


NOTEThe Spink-London catalogue for this auction is available to view at their user-friendly WebSite [see below]


TEL [44] 20 7563.4005   FAX [44] 20 7563.4037 or or WebSite



25th - 27th        H. R. HARMER INC.

                                (Member: Global Philatelic Network LLC)

                                (Tustin [Los Angeles], CA: Sale Nos. 3022-3023)


A very comprehensive sale of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Postal History, being conducted at The Hilton Costa Mesa Hotel, 3050 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA , the sales beginning daily promptly at 9:00 AM.


~ Sale No. 3022 United StatesBritish Commonwealth and General Foreign StampsCovers and Collections


~ Sale No. 3023 The Bert Boonstra Collection of the United States 1901 Pan-American Exposition.


 NOTEThe entire H.R. Harmer Inc. auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite approximately three (3) weeks previous to the auction date [see below].


TEL (949) 748-4802   or   (800) 782-6771  

FAX: (949) 748-4803




26th - 27th        KELLEHER & ROGERS LTD.

                                (a Division of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions LLC)

                                (Hong Kong; Public Auction No. 26-27)


An 814-Lot public auction of all-Asia Stamps, Postal History, and other Collectibles, the offerings being sold at their new Kelleher & Rogers Ltd. Officeslocated at 1802 Perfect Industrial Building, 31 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, in Hong Kong on November.


Day one of the auction consists of stamps, postal history and collections of China,  


~ Sale 26 (Friday, 26th October) a specialized sale of the Lee Yuen Wong Collection. A wide-ranging collection with numerous choice and rare items, and especially abundant with the Imperial China issues.


~ Sale 27 (Saturday, 27th October) consists of China, including Stamps, Postal History and Collections, and ranging from the Imperial China issues (including Local Posts) through to the Republic of China issues, Taiwan and the People's Republic of China, and followed by Hong KongMaçao and other Asian countries, with particularly strong sections of JapanMongolia and Thailand.


NOTEThe entire Kelleher & Rogers Ltd. sales catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL  [852] 3153.5541   FAX  [852] 3153-5543






                                (Stuttgart, Germany: Auction No. 133)


An offering of general and specialized collections presented in three copiously illustrated sales catalogs at a public auction on that Friday and Saturday at their Württembergisches Auction Rooms, located at Relenbergstraße 78, Stuttgart, commencing promptly at 10:00 AM.


The sale is dominated by in-depth selections of Germany and the German Areas (including very comprehensive German Offices Abroad and German Colonies), but also offering a very nice selection of better material representing the spectrum of the European (and other) philately. Offered in three separate catalogs, the offerings include:


~ Catalogue 1 - A General Sale featuring the Dr. Helmut Schmidt Collection.

~ Catalogue 2 - German Offices Abroad and the German ColoniesFeaturing the Dr. Helmut Schmidt and Wilhelm Goldmann Collections.

~ Catalogue 3 - The ‘Bredeney’ Collection of the German Offices Abroad and the German ColoniesPart II


NOTEThe entire Württembergisches Auktionhaus für Postwertzeichenauction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 711 22.85.05   FAX [49] 711 228.50.80




27th                  VICTORIA STAMP COMPANY

                              (Sharon Springs, NY: Public Auction No. 37) 


An exceptional Great Britain and British Commonwealth Stamp and Postal History auction featuring comprehensive specialized British Commonwealth collections, the sale being conducted at the Collectors Club of New York, located at 22 East 35th Street, in New York City, the sales beginning promptly daily at 1:00 PM.


 The ‘Alphonse’ Collection of Ceylon.

 The ‘Duffy’ Collection of the British CommonwealthPart II.

 The Paul A. Larsen Gold Medal Collection of Leeward Islands KGV Issues.

 The Eric P. Yendall Collections ofKGVI Keyplate Revenue IssuesKGVI British Guiana Postal Stationery, Mauritius WWII Censored Covers including  ‘Box 1000’ Mail, and WWII Military Postal History incl Civil Censorship Mail,


NOTEThe entire Victoria Stamp Company auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (201) 652-7283   FAX (518) 776-1764




30th                   DOROTHEUM GmbH & CO. KG

                                (Vienna, Austria)


A public auction of AustriaEuropean, and other Worldwide Stamps and Postal History. The sale will be conducted at 10:00 AM on that Tuesday and in the ‘Ludwigstorff Room’ at the historic  Palais Dorotheum Building offices, located at Dorotheergaße 17, in Vienna, beginning promptly at 10:00 AM.


Strong in Austria and the Austrian Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History, the sale also includes much in the way of General Foreign, primarily from the European Areas.


NOTEThe entire Dorotheum GmbH. auction catalog can be viewed on the auctioneer's WebSite [see below].


TEL [43] 1 515.60.297   FAX [43] 1 515.60.348)   





                            (HBA) oHG

                               (Hamburg, Germany: Public Auction No. 71)


2,560 Lots of Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, as well as other General Foreign.


NOTE: The entire Hanseatische Briefmarkenauktionen (HBA) auction catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL [49] 40 23.34.35   FAX [49] 40 23.04.45     



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