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FRANCE Yv. 13A - 1991 - Guerre du Golfe : Etiquette autoadhésive 'Daguet Armées' dans planche d'origine de 10 timbres
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FRANCE Yv. 13A - 1991 - Guerre du Golfe : Etiquette autoadhésive 'Daguet Armées'
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FRANCE Yv. 183-86 * - JO 1924, série compl. 4 timbres neufs
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FRANCE 1959 ANNEE COMPLETE - les 41 timbres neufs *
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January 2019 - International
Philatelic Auction Calendar

8th                UNIVERSAL PHILATELIC AUCTIONS  [Nº 72] (England)  


11th              AUKTIONHAUS ULRICH FELZMANN GmbH [Nº 164] (Germany)

11th              RAUHUT & KRUSCHELL AUKTIONSHAUS [Nº 188] (Germany)



12th              REINHARD FISCHER AUKTIONEN [Nº 166] (Germany)    


16th              ATHENS AUCTIONS [Nº 64] (Greece)   

18th - 20th   SPINK - China [Nos. 19008-19009, CSS37-CS338] (Hong Kong) 19th              EMERALD VENTURES LLC [Nº 166] (USA)

19th              AAK PHILA GmbH [Nº 60] (Germany)

22nd - 24th  SPINK [Nos. 19010-19012] (England)

23rd             AB PHILEA [Nº 365] (Sweden)

23rd - 24th  SPARKS AUCTIONS [Nº 29] (Canada)

25th - 26th   MIRKO FRANKE AUKTIONHAUS [Nº 90] (Germany)

30th - 31st   JÜRGEN GÖTZ AUKTIONSHAUS e.k. [Nº 382] (Germany)   

30th - 31st   SPINK - USA [Nº 168] (USA)   

31st              SOLER y LLACH SUBASTAS [Nº 712] (Spain)     



February 2019 Philatelic Auctions   ...



Refer to “Auctioneers’ Announcements” WebPage:


5th      Daniel F. Kelleher Inc. [Flagship Series’ Sale ] (USA)

7th, 18th   Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner [Nº 43] (Germany)  

9th      Cambridge Philatelic Auctions [Nº 355] (England)

17th    Rasdale Stamp Company [Nº 439] (USA)

17th    Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 629] (Japan)

23rd    Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner [Special] (Germany)  





8th                     UNIVERSAL PHILATELIC AUCTIONS.

                                (Northleach, Gloucestershire, England: Sale No. 72)


A massive, comprehensive 21,942-Lot no Buyer’s Premium sale of classic Great Britain, British Africa, British Asia, British North America, India, Europe, Asia (with China), the United States, and much more.


The sale’s highlights include strong sections of Great Britain with the high values, key British Africa), KGV and KGVI era issues, AustraliaHong KongIndia and Malaya), exceptional Europe and other Overseas, and key United States.


TEL [44] 1451 86.11.11  FAX [44] 1451 86.12.97




                                (New York, NY: Auction No. 0119)


A comprehensive 1,678-Lot offering representing upscale important United States and Worldwide Postage Stamps, Postal History, Proofs, Essays and other rare and esoteric related philatelia at a public auction being conducted at their modern, conveniently located, mid-town Manhattan Cherrystone Auction Galleries, located at 119 West 57th Street, on the 3rd Floor, beginning daily promptly at 10:00 AM (Morning Sessions) and 1:00 PM (Afternoon Sessions).


The sale is highlighted by the Heinz Gappe (H.G.I. CompanyInventory of Flight and Zeppelin Covers of the World.


There are fine selections of attractive United States, desirable AlbaniaAustriaFranceGermany and the German Colonies, Italy and the Italian ColoniesRussiaSaar, the Scandinavian countries and SwitzerlandGreat Britain and British Commonwealth are well represented, featuring a strong selection of Batum, and India with a set of the Gandhi stamps overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ and Unexploded Booklets. Also offered are selections of better South America, featuring Colombia Air Post, and Asia.


The sale concludes with over 100 large lots and collections that range from single country collections to multi-carton worldwide groups of stamps and covers, mostly offered intact. 


NOTEThe entire Cherrystone Philatelic Auctions catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below]Most of the single lots are accompanied by quality color scans, and Opening Prices are updated daily.


TEL (212) 977-7734     FAX (212) 977-8652



11th                   AUKTIONHAUS ULRICH FELZMANN GmbH

                                (Düsseldorf, Germany: Sale No. 164)


A special 251-Lot public auction of the Peter Zgonc Collection of Rare German StatesGerman Post Offices Abroad and Kiautschou, the sale being conducted at the historic Schlosshotel Hugenpoetlocated on the banks of the Ruhr River.


NOTE: The catalog for this auction is available on the Ulrich Felzmann Briefmarken-Auktionen WebSite in both the German and English language texts [see below].


TEL [49] 211 550.440   FAX [49] 211 550.44.11

WebSite ___________________________________________________________________


11th                   RAUHUT & KRUSCHELL BRIEFMARKEN


                                (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany: Auction No. 188)



A comprehensive 13,083-Lot public auction being conducted at the Rauhut & Kruschel Auction Galleries venue located at Reichspräsidentenstraße 21-25, in Mülheim an der Ruhr (located in the Ruhr Area, between Dulsburg, Essen, Oberhausen and Ratingen), the sales rooms being located 600 meters from the Rauhut & Kruschel offices.


The auction is highlighted by comprehensive offerings of Germany, the German Areas, and General Worldwide Postage Stamps and Postal History. The Collections and other Large Lots, Dealers Stocks, and Accumulations section is especially strong.


NOTEThe complete catalog for this auction is available on the very user-friendly Briefmarken-Auktionshaus Harald Rauhut WebSite (every lot is illustrated) [see below].


TEL [49] 208 3.30.98   or   [49] 208 39.07.25  

FAX [43] 208 38.35.52    





                                (Wilmington, DE: Auction No 320)


1,675 Lots of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Collections, Accumulations and other Large Lots. The auction also includes comprehensive sections of DeltiologyUSPS ProductsSports Cards, and Philatelic References and Supplies, all offered at a public auction conducted at the Dutch Country Auctions offices located at 4115 Concord Pike in Wilmington, Delaware, beginning promptly at 4:00 PM (Friday Sessions) and 10:00 AM (Saturday sessions).


The Postal History-FDCs section (Lot Nos. 1-191)  incls strong showing of United States Stampless and Postal Stationery, as well as Advertising, Aerophilately, Naval and Topical Covers.


Highlights in the General Foreign section (Lot Nos. 732-1114) are found in the listings of  AustraliaAustriaCanadaChina,  CyprusFranceGermanyGreat BritainGreece and Israel.


In addition, the sale also offers extensive better United States and General Foreign CopperSilver and Gold Coins, and Medals, as well as Banknotes (Lot Nos. 540-731).


NOTEThe entire Stamp Center (Dutch Country) auction catalog can  be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (302) 478-8740   FAX (302) 478-8779 





                                (Petaluma [San Francisco], CA: Auction No. 118)


A 1,649-Lot offering of United States and Worldwide Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, all being sold at a public auction being conducted in conjunction with the OrCoPEx StampShow 2019, the sale taking place in the “Catalina Room” of The Hotel Fullerton (http://www.hfullerton.comlocated at 1500 Raymond Drive, in Fullerton CA, commencing on that Friday promptly at 6:30 PM, that Saturday at 5:00 PM, and on that Sunday at 9:30 AM.


Highlights of the sale include further portions of the Bob Friedman “Cover Corner” Stock.


Session 1 - Friday (Lot Nos. 1-286): AutographsCoins, as well as Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, and General Foreign Singles, featuring high quality CanadaChinaFranceGermany and New Zealand with key ‘Chalon Heads’.


Session 2 - Saturday (Lot Nos. 287-892): United States Singles. Includes a Sc 38 1860 30¢ mint Block-of-4, a Sc 62B Graded ‘85’, a Sc 141A 1870-1871 “I” Grill, a Sc 3557a 34¢ Die Cutting Omitted Pair, Official issues with Proofs and ‘SPECIMENS’, and incl the only recorded Sc O58SDA "Sepcimen" error within a Block-of-4. In addition Modern Errors, Proofs and Essays also are offered.


Session 2 - Sunday (Lot Nos. 893-1649):  United States and Worldwide Collections, Postcards, Ephemera.


NOTE: The entire Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries auction catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL (707) 778-6454   FAX (707) 763-6772




12th                   REINHARD FISCHER AUKTIONEN

                                (Bonn, Germany: Auction No. 166)


A comprehensive 11,368-Lot auction emphasizing Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History, but also including a large representation of other General Foreign, all being sold at Oxford Club-Bonn, located at Adenauerallee 7, in D-53111 Bonn. The lots will be available for viewing only at the Dr. Reinhard Offices, located at Joachimstraße 7, in 53113 Bonn.


The sale incls strong sections of the German StatesGerman Post Offices AbroadGerman Colonies, and German WWII Occupation Areas. In addition, the sale also offers better CopperSilver and GoldCoins, as well as Militaria (Lot Nos. 0001-1316).


The lots will be available for viewing only at the Dr. Reinhard Offices, located at Joachimstraße 7, in Bonn.


NOTE: The bilingual German:English language catalog for this auction is available on the user-friendly Reinhard Fischer Auktionen WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 228 26.31.30   FAX [49] 228 21.33.81





                                    PHILATELIC AUCTIONS

                           (Thessalonika, Greece: Public Auction

Nos. 630)


A public 1,601-Lot public auction of primarily Greece and the Greek Areas, and Cyprus Postage Stamps and Postal History presented in a luxuriously-illustrated Greek:English languages bilingual catalog. The sale will be conducted on that Saturday at the Hilton Athens Hotel (


NOTEAuction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTE: The entire Argirios Karamitsos International Philatelic Auctions

catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL [30] 2310 26.43.66   FAX [30] 2310 27.40.31




16th                   ATHENS AUCTIONS

                             (Athens, Greece: Auction No. 64)


A 2,614-Lot sale consisting primarily of Greece and the Greek Areas, as well as the related areas of Crete and the Dodecanese Islands, as well as and Cyprus, Postage Stamps and Postal History (including vintage Picture Postcards), the offering being in a profusely-illustrated English:Greek bilingual catalog.


The sale will be conducted at the Athens Auction Offices, located at Stadiou 44 - Stoa 5, in Athens.


NOTEAuction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


NOTEThe Athens Auctions catalogue can be viewed on their facilitative WebSite [see below].


TEL [30] 210   or   CELL [30] 694  

FAX [30] 210  




18th - 20th        SPINK - China

                                (Hong Kong: Sale Nos. 19008-19009, CSS35)


A series of three auctions highlighted by the 468-Lot single owner property representing the Lam Man Yin Collection of China ‘Small Dragons’ ,’ Dowagers’ and 1897 Surcharges. the sale being conducted at the Spink-China Offices, located at the Hua Fu Commercial Building - 4th & 5th Floors, 111 Queen’s Road, in Sheung Wani, Hong Kong.


~ Sale 19008Lot Nos. 501-899 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of China ‘Small Dragons’ ,’ Dowagers’ and 1897 Surcharges.

~ Sale 19009Lot Nos. 1001-1458 -  The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal SystemPart 1.

~ Sale CSS37Lot Nos. 1502-2346 - Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong.


NOTEThe Spink-China catalogue for this auction is available to view at their user-friendly WebSite [see below]


TEL [852] 2530.0100   FAX [852] 2526-6128 [London], [Hong Kong]




19th                   EMERALD VENTURES LLC

                                (Richmond, VA: Public Auction No. 166)


620 Lots of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Postal History at a public auction being conducted at the Emerald Ventures Auctions Offices located at 5313  Lakeside Ave.,, Richmond VA, beginning promptly at 2:00 PM.


Highlights of the sale include 


Peoples Republic of China Mint 1940s-1980s singles, sets, collections and covers; Germany FDCs, all from the Otto-Wilharm correspondence w/ a run of scarce FDCs from the Third Reich-era (Lot Nos. 101-105); and 1700s United States documents, incl a Patrick Henry signature.


NOTEThe Alan Blair Auctions catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (804) 266-3071   or   (800) 689-5602  

FAX (804) 266-3071




19th                   AAK PHILA GmbH

                                (Darmstadt, Germany: Public Auction Nos. 60)


A 10,583-Lot public auction strong in Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps and Postal History. The offerings allow for many other bidding opportunities for better non-German Areas, to include Overseas Areas, and European Areas.


NOTE: The entire Darmstädter Briefmarkenauktion catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL [49] 6151 55.047   FAX [49] 6151 55.049




22nd - 24th       SPINK

                                (London, England: Sale Nº 19010-19012)


A series of three specialized public auctions being conducted at the Spink Auction Galleries, located at 69 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London.


~ Sale No. 19010, 22nd-23rd January 2019 - The Collectors Series Sale.

~ Sale No. 19011, 24th January 2019 - The ‘Lionheart’ Collection of Great Britain and the British Empire: Part IX

~ Sale No. 19012, 24th January 2019 - The ‘Pegasus’ Collection of Important Classic New Zealand.


NOTEThe Spink-London catalogue for this auction is available to view at their user-friendly WebSite [see below]


TEL [44] 20 7563.4005   FAX [44] 20 7563.4037 or or WebSite



23rd                   AB PHILEA

                                (Stockholm, Sweden: Sale No. 365)


A 2,351-Lot auction specializing in the Stamps and Postal History of Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries, as well as additional General Foreign, all being knocked-down at the AB Philea Offices located at Svartensgatan 6, in Stockholm, beginning promptly at 4:00 PM.


NOTEThe entire AB Philea auction catalog can be viewed on their designated WebSite [see below].


TEL [46] 8 640.09.78  FAX [46] 8 643.22.38



23rd - 24th        SPARKS AUCTIONS

                                (Ottawa, Canada: Public Auction No. 29)


A public auction of Canadian ProvincesCanadaGreat Britain and the British Commonwealth, and other General Foreign, all being conducted at their new Sparks Auctions Offices located at 1770 Woodward Drive - Ste. 101, in Ottawa.


 Highlights of the sale include the offering of the Azilda’ Collection of Canada Registration Stamps and Covers that present gems offered on the philatelic market for the first in more forty years; British Commonwealth and Worldwide selections, with another installment of ‘SPECIMEN’ perforated sets; exceptional NH Italy and key Italian States; as well as better early Great Britain and the United States.


NOTEThe Sparks Auctions catalogue for this sale is available for viewing at their user-friendly WebSite [see below]


TEL (613) 567-3336   FAX (613) 567-2972

WebSite :               



25th - 26th        MIRKO FRANKE BRIEFMARKEN u.


                                (Bargteheide, Germany: Public Auction No. 90)


A 8,205-Lot public auction highlighted by in-depth selections of German StatesGermanyGerman Offices AbroadGerman Colonies, and Other Worldwide Postage Stamps and Postal History at a public auction being conducted at the Mirko Franke Briefmarken u. Auktionhaus Offices located in Bargteheide (just Northeast of Hamburg, on the road to Lübeck) at Jersbeker Straße 2 (on the corner of Jersbeker Straße and Am Markt).


The auction schedule :


Friday 25th November, 11:00 AM, Lot Nos. 0001-0502 - Single Lots Liquidation

Friday 25th November, 1:00 PM, Lot Nos. 0503-4046 - Single Lots


Saturday 26th November, 11:00 AM, Lot Nos. 4047-4965 - Coins, Collections I

Saturday 26th November, 2:00 PM, Lot Nos. 4996-6363 - Collections II


NOTEThe entire Mirko Franke Briefmarken u. Auktionhaus catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 4532 88.20   FAX [49] 4532 2.51.32





                                (Oberkirch, Germany: Auction No. 382)


An 5,093-Lot public auction very strong in Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Collections, but also offering a nice selection of General Foreign, and being sold at the Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationales Auktionhaus Offices located at Steinhof 12, Oberkirch (ca. 7 miles northeast of Offenburg./ Thursday.


In addition, the sale also offers better CopperSilver and Gold Coins (Lot Nos. 182A-211).


NOTEThe entire Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationale Auktionhaus auction catalog can be viewed on their German:English:French trilingual language WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 7802 9.34.40   FAX [49] 7802 59.03





30th - 31st        SPINK - USA

                            (New York, NY: Sale Nos. 168)


The auctioneer’s ‘Philatelic Collectors Series’ sale includes a comprehensive range of desirable United StatesBritish Commonwealth, and other Worldwide postage stamps and postal history.


NOTEThe entire Spink - Shreves Philatelic Galleries auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL (972) 788-2100   or   (800) 556-7826                  





                                (Barcelona, Spain: Public Auction Nº 712).


An 840-Lot public auction of premium Stamps and Covers of the World, the sale being conducted at the Soler y Llach Offices, located at Calle Beethoven 13, in Barcelona, beginning at promptly at 10:30 AM. Two separate catalogues represent the sale: The ‘Hispaniola’ Collection of Haiti, and the Stamps and Covers of the World. Sale highlights include:


~ ARGENTINA, Lot Nos. 1010-1018 - Including the Spanish, French and Local Posts.

BRITISH COLONIES, Lot Nos. 1171-1244

~ ECUADORLot Nos. 1096-1111 - An important offering of stamped postal history, including a 7 January 1865 Guayaquil ==> Quito cover, the earliest recorded usage of the 1st issue.

~ FRANCE and the FRENCH COLONIES, Lot Nos. 1133-1154,  


~ HAITI, Lot Nos. 501-659 - A very comprehensive collection of the Haiti 1st Issues represented by Stamps, Covers and Essays.


LATIN AMERICALot Nos. 1001-1009 -  Selections from the Jesús Sitiá Gold Medal Collection of pre-Adhesive Latin America Postal History.

~ MÉXICO, Lot Nos. 1412-1448 - Including the Spanish, French and Local Posts.

~ MOROCCO, Lot Nos. 1449-1474 - Including the Spanish, French and Local Posts.

~ PERSIALot Nos. 1259-1342 - Selections from the Bernard Lucas Collection of Persia Postal History.


NOTE: The catalog for this Soler y Llach Subastas Internacionales, S.A.  auction is available for viewing on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [34] 93 201-8733   FAX [34] 93 202-3306 




Charles E. Cwiakala

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